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What are the different cooling features available in a mattress? Is one better than the other?

Trying to Sleep - Hot

There are a number of different cooling features available in today’s mattresses.  They include:

  1.  New “cooltouch” thread technology that features thread in the fabric that gives off a cool feel when touched.
  2. Different levels of cooling treatments can be applied to the mattress fabric to achieve different levels of coolness.
  3. Gel that can be added to foam to give the foam better cooling properties by introducing a solid into the foam that helps to transport the build up of heat away from the body.
  4. Foams that feature open air cells that let air dissipate instead of trapping it against the body.
  5. Natural fiber fabrics and fabric treatments that help to transport moisture away from the body while sleeping creating a cooler sleeping environment.

All of these features help to create a cooler sleeping environment, some more than others.  The more of these features that you have in your mattress the better the chance of sleeping cooler.