Install it right. Begin by making sure your new mattress and foundation is installed correctly. Improper installation can damage your new bedding. 

Rotate regularly. Rotate your mattress unless your mattress care instructions say otherwise. This may mean rotating your mattress from end-to-end and/or flipping it over, depending on if it’s a flippable or non-flippable model. 

Keep it covered. Cover your new mattress and foundation with a high-quality, washable mattress protector and mattress pad. These protective coverings keep your mattress set smelling fresh, free of stains, and protected from dust mites and allergens. A mattress protector also protects your warranty, which is voided if the mattress has stains.

Provide good support. Invest in a sturdy, high-quality bed frame with a center support on queen or king models. Using a frame without a center support with a queen- or king-size mattress set can void the warranty. MidAmerica Bedding offers a range of frames to support your new set no matter the size. 

Keep the law tag on. Though it’s not illegal to remove your mattress law tag, the information on the label is necessary for a warranty claim. Leave it on for future reference.

Keep it clean: Vacuum your mattress regularly. Do not use harsh chemicals to remove stains. If the mattress is damp, sprinkle baking soda on it to absorb the moisture, then vacuum. If the mattress gets stained, dab mild soap and cold water on the stain, blotting as you go. Avoid soaking your mattress or foundation with liquid. Prevent stains by using a mattress protector.